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Welcome to Aphelium! The first ever Metaverse NFT game controlled via Discord! An idea created with the rapid expansion of the metaverse in mind, accessible to all.

Most if not all Metaverse NFT games are playable on browser and mobile devices, they also have something in common: A Discord server! Our vision bridges this tried and tested community platform and the metaverse NFT space, creating a game directly controllable through Discord itself. This opens up a whole new dimension within the already hugely successful community platform. Play and chat within communities in real time, develop your land NFT, gather resources and become a master of your own metaverse NFT. Aphelium is based upon the development of sections of land on an unexplored planet somewhere in the universe. Within these sections players will find plenty of resources used to produce food, metals, items and buildings. All of which you can use to improve your very own land NFT! Initially, this project will be available within official Aphelium Discord servers. Though once public release is realised, we hope to bring it to your favourite Discord servers all the while maintaining full synchronicity across all platforms!

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