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In Aphelium, lands aren’t just virtual space; they’re your base for crafting, storing, and even earning! Think of them as special plots that bring benefits and depth to your gameplay. Each of your lands now comes with a chest for additional storage. You can stock up your resources here if you don’t plan to use them right away.

How to Get a Land

Visit the visit the secondary market here.

The Rarities & Their Perks

  • Types of Lands: They range from Common to Legendary, each with its set of advantages.

Each land contains up to 3 resources in random quantities. These will define the rarity level of the land. There are 5 levels of land rarity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


Even common lands can surprise you with a dash of rare resources. Every plot is unique and packed with potential.

  • Unique Characteristics: No two lands are the same. Even among commons, some have a richer resource distribution than others.
  • The Luck Factor: You can choose a land from the secondary market with known resources. Or, try your luck with a common land pack — you might discover a particularly resource-rich plot!


The system evolves, with the distribution of resources across lands changing with every generation. Each generation of Aphelium lands brings a different composition. As new lands are introduced, the entire resource pool gets a reshuffle. What does this mean? A common land that you own today, rich in certain resources, could become a hotspot for the rarest of resources in the future, thanks to this dynamic reshuffling.

  • Why Go Rare+ then?: Owning rarer lands offers added bonuses like more storage chests, more taxes from the explorations, the ability to rent out for passive income, and exclusive construction options like spaceships in the future.

Common: 1 extra chest slot

Uncommon: 2 extra slots

Rare: 3 extra slots (with rental capability)

Epic: 5 extra slots (with rental capability)

Legendary: 10 extra slots (with rental capability)

Common: %10 tax from explorations

Uncommon: %15 tax from explorations

Rare: %20 tax from explorations

Epic: %35 tax from explorations

Legendary: %50 tax from explorations


Land cubes.png

The lands are made up of cubes of ground and water placed randomly to form an image of 800x800 pixels. The cubes of ground and water are selected with random percentages to prevent players finding lands with the same ratio. It's currently possible to find land without water, but not land without ground. As for now there is only one aquatic resource, and the absence of land wold prevent construction of ground-based buildings.


Each new generation will be randomly generated in terms of resources and composition. This process will define, from generation to generation, the rarity of the resources and their base value.


This could affect the rarity of the previous generation's lands.

The amount of resources in each generation will be combinated to calculate the scarcity across all the generations. This will adjust rarities and values accordingly.


1st generation
x60 lands with wood
x40 lands with limonite
Limonite would be the rarest resource, with a 1.5x higher value than wood
2nd generation
x50 lands with wood
x50 lands with limonite
Limonite would still be the rarest, with a 1.2x higher value than wood
3rd generation
x30 lands with wood
x70 lands with limonite
Wood would become the rarest, with a 1.14x higher value than limonite


Landowners need to effectively manage their lands to maintain efficiency.

Landowners have the advantage of owning beds.

The lands and resources are created exclusively for Aphelium and are hand drawn by our graphic designer.