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Command /craft
Parameters - entity: will populate a list of items that you can select to craft

- quantity: is the number of items you want to craft

You can craft many items using the resources you have collected via exploring, working, or purchased through the Equinox Market.


This example will assume that you want to craft a Workbench. First you will need to ensure you have enough of each resource in your inventory to craft the item. Second, you will want to use the #play-here channel in Discord to execute the command below:

  • /craft entity:Workbench and send the messsage.


The response you will receive from the game will give you 3 options: Cancel, Don't Mint, or Mint:

  • Cancel: cancels the crafting, does not consume any resources.
  • Don't Mint: allows you to craft the item and send it directly to your in-game inventory. Sometimes this is not an option.
  • Mint: allows you to mint the item your crafting as an NFT to the WAX wallet you have connected to the game.


In this case, for the Workbench, you have no choice but to Cancel or Mint the Workbench as an NFT.

Getting Started

A Workbench is the most basic crafting item you will need. You will need to have the following items in your Astronaut's inventory:

and the command will be /craft entity:Workbench

Mint this Workbench to your wallet, and stake it to whatever land on which you plan to do most of your Crafting. Once done, you can return to this page to learn more!

List of Craftable Items

Using a Workbench

The following items can be crafted using a Workbench