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Energy is one of the main mechanics of the game. You have 24 energy points a day and you need it to perform in-game actions such as working and exploring. It can be restored in any of the following ways:

  1. Sleeping: 3 points per hours
  2. Eating: depends on the food


Sleeping is one of the actions you can take to restore your energy. Use the /sleep command followed by the hours you would want to sleep, the bot will DM you when you wake up. You can also wake up by yourself using the /wakeup command.

Every hour of sleep gives you 3 energy points. If you wake up before the time you set you get energy according to the hours you slept.


While sleeping you can't perform actions like working or exploring.


Eating is one of the actions you can take to restore your energy. You can eat every food resource or prepared meal, each of them gives you different amount of energy points.

Use the /eat command followed by the resource you want to eat, followed optionally by the amount. If no amount is specified the default one is used (25 for raw food and 1 for prepared food).


Eating will start a cooldown timer of 5 minutes per energy points gained. During the cooldown you can't perform actions like working or exploring.

Energy badges

Aphelium energy badges

Badges are awarded to members of our official Discord server who reach a certain level in the ranking system.

Each NFT badge grants a boost of 10% to the daily energy points every player have. Only one badge per level is allowed, but different levels badges can be stacked to obtain a total of 80% boost. The last badge grants an additional 20%, reaching the 100%.

Chat XP measures your engagement in our Discord server. By earning Chat XP, you can level up and unlock special roles like OG/Early when you reach level 10, as well as earning Energy Badge NFTs. To check your Chat XP, use the /rank command in the #commands channel.


Don’t waste your time sending repetitive and meaningless message to earn XP, this will end in an XP penality and, according to the gravity of the infringement, to a mute or a ban.

Level Boost Supply
15 10% 100
20 10% 80
25 10% 70
30 10% 60
35 10% 50
40 10% 40
45 10% 30
50 10% 20
60 20% 10


Using a bed can improve your sleep quality and open up additional possibilities, such as the ability to dream.