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There are currently 11 resources available, divided into 3 categories: Food, Materials and Minerals.


Raw food is very useful to regenerate your energy. You can eat directly or cook it to get a cooked meal, which gives you more energy when eaten.

On land Collected Name Rarity Use
Fruit.png Fruit-collected.png Fruit ND Eat, cook
Mushroom.png Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom ND Eat, cook
Crops.png Crops-collected.png Crops ND Eat, cook
Fish.png Fish-collected.png Fish ND Eat, cook


On land Collected Name Rarity Use
Stone.png Stone-collected.png Stone ND Crafting
Tree.png Wood.png Wood ND Crafting


On land Collected Name Rarity Use
Anatase.png Anatase-Collected.png Anatase ND Crafting
Chrysocolla.png Chrysocolla-collected.png Chrysocolla ND Crafting
Bauxite.png Bauxite-collected.png Bauxite ND Crafting
Galena.png Galena-collected.png Galena ND Crafting
Limonite.png Limonite-collected.png Limonite ND Crafting