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Icon Mushroom-collected.png
UI per block 25
Category Food
Eatable Yes
Craftable No
Energy restored 1 every 25 units
Sellable on Equinox Yes

One of the raw food resources on the planet. You can eat it or cook it to get more energy points.


This resource comes in the form of a common terrestrial mushroom, has a blue stem with blue stripes and a spongy part on a blue surface giving the illusion of an aquatic animal.

The spongy part is the only edible part.


Result Crafting tool Ingredients
File:Alien-seducer-perfume.png Alien Seducer Perfume
Alchemic-table.png Alchemic Table
x30 Anatase-collected.png Anatase
x1 File:Chromolite-collected.png Chromolite
x8 Crops-collected.png Crops
x36 Limonite-collected.png Limonite
x8 Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom
Alienoid.png Alienoid
Alchemic-table.png Alchemic Table
x35 Anatase-collected.png Anatase
x35 Bauxite-collected.png Bauxite
x35 Chrysocolla-collected.png Chrysocolla
x8 Crops-collected.png Crops
x4 Fish-collected.png Fish
x8 Fruit-collected.png Fruit
x20 Galena-collected.png Galena
x20 Limonite-collected.png Limonite
x8 Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom
x30 Stone-collected.png Stone
x30 File:Wood-collected.png Wood
File:Freezer-charger.png Freezer Charger
Alchemic-table.png Alchemic Table
x100 Anatase-collected.png Anatase
x3 File:Chromolite-collected.png Chromolite
x100 Galena-collected.png Galena
x200 Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom
File:Health-potion.png Health Potion
Alchemic-table.png Alchemic Table
x50 Bauxite-collected.png Bauxite
x15 Crops-collected.png Crops
x15 Fish-collected.png Fish
x15 Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom
Mushroom-skewer.png Mushroom skewer
Cooker.png Cooker
Cooker-x2-pro.png Cooker-X2 Pro
x50 Mushroom-collected.png Mushroom